Thursday, 1 March 2018

The Enormous Coughadile

The Enormous Coughadile

Happy World Book Day, friends.

Just a quick post on the highs and lows of the day so far and it is only 745am!


Creating a simple but ohsocute outfit for the wee dot.

Having a ridiculously simple solution for the character Matt chose.


Dot will not wear her head piece.

Matt was sick from coughing.


So, I only managed to get three mediocre photographs to share with y'all.

Allow me to present to you The Enormous Crocodile and the Roly Poly Bird.

 And the scene when Croc gnashes the bird's beautiful (handmade) tail. Not to be confused  with handmaid's tail).

And finally

Dot rehearsing for Notting Hill Carnival...

Have a fun day and don't let the snow ruin the costumes.


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